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What is the importance of auditing? What are its features?

This involves the examination of vouchers and the verification of various assets of the organization. And the person who carries out such an audit is known as the auditor. Audit is an independent inspection of the financial information of any organization, whether profit-oriented or not profit-oriented, irrespective of its legal form, status or size when such examination is conducted with a view to express an opinion thereof.

Features of an Audit

· Auditing is a systematic process. It is a logical and scientific procedure to examine the accounts of an organization for their accuracy. There are rules and procedures to follow.

· The audit is always done by an independent authority or a body of persons with the necessary qualifications. They have to be independent so their views and opinions can be totally unbiased.

· Once again, an audit is the examination of all the books of accounts and financial information of the company. So it is essentially a verification of the final accounts of the organization, i.e. the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet at the end of the financial year.

· Auditing is not only the review of the books of accounts but also the internal systems and internal control of the organization.

· To conduct the audit we need the help of various sources of information. This includes vouchers, documents, certificates, questionnaires, explanations etc. He may scrutinize any other documents he sees fit like Memorandum of Association, Articles of Associations, vouchers, minute books, shareholders register etc.

· The auditor must completely satisfy himself with the accuracy and authenticity of the financial statements. Only then can he give the opinion that they are true and fair statements.

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